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AmeriStar Credit Services Warranty

We're so confident about our services, that we offer you Ameristar Credit Services exclusive Risk Free Service & Performance Warranty.

Firstly, NO Company and NO Individual can Guarantee anything can be removed from anyone's Credit Report, nor can they Guarantee an increase in Credit Scores.  No more than they can Guarantee that you can ride a bicycle 4 blocks without risk of an accident.  There are no true Guarantees in life.

Moreover, the Federal Government wants you to know, that NO Company and NO Individual can make such claims and/or Guarantees.  It is only by the determination of Credit Bureaus, and in accordance to their guidelines and the Federal and State laws which govern them, that any results may occur.

However, we are confident in our Services, and offer a Risk Free Service & Performance Warranty.

The "Law of Averages" allows us to be confident in our work, and your satisfaction.  After 6 months, we welcome a request for an audit.  We will provide a benchmark of starting credit file condition, actions performed, and current credit file condition.  Remember, you don't get into credit problems overnight, nor do you recover from them overnight.  It is important to be able to see actual work performed and hope to see benefit.

While we would like to offer a guaranteed result, it is not practical, actual results are not in our hands to set, so would be false and misleading to do.  For that reason, it is illegal to make such claims of results.

We Warranty our Services, that they will be performed with Professionalism and Integrity.

"Me, Scott H Leonard, I had 10 negative items on my report that I believed were in error.  AmeriStar Credit Services performed such services, to dispute the said items.  In 45 days, 7 of the 10 were completely removed.  That was 70% cleanup.  Now that was my file, personally.  I stayed on the system or 2 years, watching various new errors appear and be challenged.  As for me, I see the benefit of being performing credit file disputing as a necessity, as well as for maintenance.  When I began, I qualified for a loan on a C230 at 14.9%.  My credit score was not so good.  About 2 years later, I traded it in and I qualified for a loan on a GL450 at 7.9%.  Without giving tremendous personal information, in sharing my initial satisfaction of error removal, along with ongoing services, culminating in considerable positive results in my ability to qualify for loans, and at better interest rates.  It is my opinion that AmeriStar Credit Services played an important role in my satisfaction, so much so, that I negotiated for the acquisition of AmeriStar Credit Services.  AmeriStar Credit Services is now part of the Inspetta group of companies, due to the results which I experienced.  - Scott H Leonard, Founder Inspetta LLC"

As I am the one writting this content, I am keen to the responsiblity, to not make any claims.  No two people are chemically, economically, mentally, geographically, or in any other way, 100% the same.  Thus, there can be zero expectation of 100% same results for anyone.  These are my personal results and experience, which lead to the acquisition of AmeriStar Credit Services.

Results, IF ANY, WILL Vary, for everyone, as everyone has a completely different situation in their credit file, AND, the Credit Bureaus must research, and develop a conclusion to, each dispute issued, which provides your final result.